Friday, August 12, 2011

Well Hello There!

Hi Lovely Laguna Residents!

To quote the hilariously wonderful Austin Powers, "Allow myself to introduce...myself." My name is Elle Spektor. And, as my little About Me blurb states, I'm currently a college student pursuing my dual degree in journalism and business. This delightful combo gives me the perfect insight to bring you fine people weekly tips about the colorful business spectrum of Laguna Beach.

Now, I have to be honest. I'm a New Yorker, born and raised. The fabulous Carrie Bradshaw is my idol, and my ideal mode of transportation is the banana-yellow NYC Taxi cab. (Yes, I realize she's just a TV show character; and yes - cabs are really that yellow in real life.) So this main point begs the question: How can I write a blog about Laguna? 

Well, besides being a mildly obsessed OC fan (the obsession wasn't a mild one in the least bit) and secretly loving Lauren Conrad's drama, I'm desperately hoping for a shot at grad school in California. And that being said, I adore writing more than most anything else and would love nothing more than to share the few grains of wisdom I've learned about business endeavors with you guys.

So, a few more things on me: I'm currently a contributor for the Business Insider; a writer at The Brentwood Press and Palo Verde Valley Times newspapers; and a blogger with several national finance blogs (;; many more...). I love curling up with a good read, my orange kitten Pumpkin, and summer nights.

On here, you will find weekly profiles on local businesses, travel tips in and out of California, rewards for swiping your plastic cards at various Laguna establishments, and anything else business-oriented that I can think to blog about. 

I hope you enjoy my blog; I know I'll enjoy writing it. 

All the best,

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